Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Aug 7 pre-mkt Outlook and Aug 6 recap

The /ES looks to open around 1688 after closing yesterday at 1693. The overnight low was 1685. The 10yr is trading around 2.63 after finishing yesterday at 2.64.

$FSLR is down 8% at 43 from yesterday's close of 46.75 in ETH after posting disappointing earnings. It traded in a range of 45 to a low of 41.75 in ETH but mostly hung around the 42.50 level which is key support for the stock chartwise. I would consider playing some weekly 42 puts on the day.

$DIS is also trading lower this AM at 65.41 after closing at 67. 65 is recent support then the next level looks to be the 62 area.

Aug 6 recap:

Both $KORS and $MGM were out with earnings and I felt that both would have been decent plays to short via some weekly puts. I had considered the $KORS 67.50 weekly puts and the 17s for MGM but played neither. They went ITM toward the very end of the day on both, which could have been a result of the overall market weakness on the day.

I had also eyeballed $GOOG 895 puts when the stock was trading in the green at 906. The puts went from 2 to 5.50 as $GOOG began to sell off with the overall market.

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