Friday, June 7, 2013

Recap June 3 to 7

I just copied and pasted what I was looking at and why, then uploaded the charts for the options I was looking at that day:

Monday June 3 pre-mkt outlook

After a big sell off Friday afternoon, the /ES looks to open around 1633 after closing at 1627. 1627 was support over the weekend, with a high of 1637.

$MRK is in the news, MW quote: "The pharmaceutical company said Sunday preliminary results for a drug tested on patients with skin cancer have prompted plans to conduct late-stage clinical trials in the third quarter." The stock is trading around 48.60 in the pre-mkt after closing at 46.75. 

$F is out with it's May sales numbers and analysts are expecting them to be up significantly compared to $GM. 

Not too much other real news out there this morning aside from the overall market story.


Wednesday June 5 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1625 after closing at 1632. The overnight range was from a low of 1622 to a high of 1632.

$AAPL is in the news as an international trade commission rules ATT iPhone4 and iPad2 violate samsung patents. The stock is trading around 447 after closing yesterday at 449. May look toward some 440 puts

Not too much else by way of news this AM.

Thursday June 6 Pre-mkt Outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1607 after closing yesterday at 1606. It hit an overnight high of 1616 and a high of 1606.

$CIEN is up 13% on earnings trading around 18.25 in the pre-mkt after closing at 16.31 yesterday. The stock above 18 could serve as a potential breakout as 30% of the float is short. Idea: 19 calls

$CONN is up 10% in the pre-mkt as it sits at all time highs. It closed at 48.46 and looks to open around 52.50. 20% of the float is short. Idea: 55 calls? Not a big fan of it, low OI

$PAY is down about 20% in the pre-mkt trading around 18.15 after closing at 21.95. The 17.50 level looks to be recent low support, wouldn't be surprised to see the stock bounce off that today. Idea: 18 puts

Friday June 7 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1630.50 after closing yesterday at 1622 after hitting a low yesterday of 1596.50. The overnight low was 1618 and the high was 1633 right after the NFP numbers.

$GS is sitting at 160.65 in the pre-mkt. It could be a wise play to pick up the 160 calls today.

I may also look toward some $GOOG 670 calls as it sits around 667 in the pre-mkt.

And I think $GLD could be in for a rout today so I may look toward some $GLD puts

Here's what happened: 

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