Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 26th Pre-mkt outlook and Thursday recap

The /ES looks to open around 1578 after closing at 1580. It hit an overnight low of 1574 at 0830 and a high of 1582.50 at 2200hrs.

$AMZN is out with earnings and has traded in a 30pt range in ETH. It hit a high of 290 just after results were posted and a low of 258 at 1715hrs. It looks to open around 270. It could be a good risk reward to play an $AMZN weekly 280/260 strangle expecting it to trade all range crazy this morning.

$EXPE is out with earnings. It initially popped from a close of 64.83 to 69.28, only to sell off to 58.01 after the conference call started at 1630hrs. The stock looks to open down about 5%, around 61.75. I think the best way to play this would be to look toward some $PCLN puts.

Thursday recap:

Both my $GS and $CLF calls were spot on the money. The odds were in my favor for those calls. See the attached charts for explanation. My 3rd choice $GOOG call didn't pan out at all as Google faded off the open to close at 809, never coming close to the 820 level.

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