Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, Feb 27 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES opened yesterday at 1496, hit a low of 1482 around 1145hrs and a high of 1497 around 1600hrs. It loo,s to open around 1495 after trading at an overnight low of 1490 at 0500hrs and a high of 1496.75 around 0800hrs.

$PCLN is trading higher in the pre-mkt after beating on both revenues and earnings. PCLN's pre-mkt range was from a low of 641 off a giant candle down to a high of 719 all within a four minute span. Throwing out the 641 tick, PCLN has traded in the pre-mkt from 719 to a low of 694. It looks to open around 708 as PCLN also increased its guidance as well. Maybe PCLN 720 calls depending on vol off the open.

$FSLR is getting crushed in the pre-mkt after posting disappointing earnings. The stock closed at 31.25 yesterday and is trading at 26.80 now. It traded at a high of 30.72 in the pre-mkt, then steadily sold off to a low of 26.56. The 27.50 level is key, next support is at 25.00. FSLR has reduced their outlook as well. Maybe FSLR 26 puts off the open, again depending on vol

$GOOG caught an upgrade this morning. It closed yesterday at 790 after opening at 794, hitting a low of 784 and a day high of 795 and change. It looks to open around 795 after trading at a pre-mkt high of 798.

$COH is in the news after a rumor hits the street of a buyout. The stock is trading at 48.25 in the pre-mkt and had traded at a pre-mkt high of 49.99, after closing a day prior at 46.50.

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