Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday 12.13

The /ES looks to open around 1427 after closing at 1426 yesterday. The overnight high was 1429 and the low was 1423.

Not too much by way of news this AM.

$GOOG finally broke through the 700 level which served as a resistance point and is currently trading at 711 after closing at 698 yesterday. It's trading higher off the back of the fact it will be releasing a maps app for $AAPL new iOs.

$AAPL on the other hand is trading lower for the opposite reason, hah. It closed at 538 and is trading at 531 off the fact that Appleheads will have to use Google Maps because the apple app sucks.

I will be looking at possibly trading $GOOG. $AAPL vol is too high for this guy.

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