Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday 12.3 morning outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1421 after closing at 1417 at 1600hrs Friday. That close came after a monster last minute rally starting around 1530 that sent the ES from 1410 to 1417 within the hour.

$DELL is trading higher in the pre-mkt after an upgrade from $GS. It's currently trading at 10.28 after closing at 9.65. DELL hasn't traded above the 10 level since late September.

$DECK is also trading higher in the pre-mkt after being upgraded. It closed at 38.25 and looks to open around 42.40. DECK hasn't traded above 40 since mid september. Currently RSI is reading high around 73.

$AAPL is trading higher at 593 after closing at 585 on Friday. The 50% retracement from the sell off is at 605.

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