Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Recap 11.19 - 11.23

This is just a recap of what I was looking at each day and how it panned out:


Monday was a pretty strong day for the overall market after the prior week's sell off.

$LOW - Opened at 34.26, hit a high of 34.50 then hovered around the 34.00 level before hitting a low of 33.75 then closed at 33.90.

$CSCO - Opened at 18.20, eventually hit a high of 18.30 before closing at that level. It basically traded in a tight .20 range.


$HPQ opened at 11.65, hit a low of 11.36 off the bat then rebounded throughout the day to close at 11.75 after hitting an intraday high of 12.06.

$GMCR faded big time after the open. It opened at 30.08 hit a day high of 30.38 then sold off all day to close at 27.85.


$DE Opened at 83.13 hit a high of 83.75 within a couple minutes then sold off to 82.06 by 1000. The stock then rebounded to 84.33 by 1045, then sold back off to a new day low of 82.13 around 1300.

$CRM - What a rip!! Apparently investors didn't give a SH*T about the lowered guidance as the stock RIPPED higher. All I know is if you went in on some 155 weekly calls you would have crushed it, as the stock opened at 150.10 then rallied to a day high of 158.77 near the close. I was really surprised it traded this way off weakened guidance.


I woke up late due to Thanksgiving, there wasn't much market news going on. However, the $NQFUT and $ESFUT ripped higher throughout the short trading day on no real news.

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