Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday 11.20 Outlook

The /ES closed at 1382 and looks to open around 1383 this AM.

$HPQ is down off earnings, most notably accounting issues. Took a huge write down off an acquisition from 2011. Don't understand why that's showing up now, but whatever. The stock is down from 13.27 to 12.00 in the pre-mkt. I think today is kind of like the nail in the coffin for HPQ and expect it to sell off further. CNBC has been talking about this all morning.

$GMCR could be in for a good old fashioned short squeeze today as the company names a Coke executive as CEO. Shares are up 13%, after being up 8% yesterday. 42% of the float is short, I'm expecting it to continue to rally off the open.

Actionable news missed Monday 11.19:

Brian White from Topeka Capital went on CNBC at 1130ish hocking $AAPL, shares went from 554 to 560 within the next half hour.

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