Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday 11.15 Outlook

The /ES TANKED yesterday afternoon and closed at 1353. It's trading around 1351 currently. Initial jobless claims came out this morning and were 33% worse than expected, a giant surprise to the downside.

$WMT is trading lower after coming out with earnings. I would look to a 70 weekly call expecting an institutional bounce later in the day, but with the weak mkt tape it's not something I'm that confident in.

$DMND is getting crushed after releasing their much delayed past three quarterly statements. It was trading at 19.50 yesterday and is trading at 14.98 now.

$NTAP is trading up from 27 to 30.25 after coming out with earnings as well. 4% of the float is short, nothing too significant. The 27 level was it's 52wk low.

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