Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday 10.2 post mkt recap

The $SPY opened at144.90, hit a high of 145.15 and was in a decline for most of theday before hitting  a low around 3pm of 143.83

$MOS opened at 56.19, hit a high of 57.37 then sold off to a low of 55.20 and closed at 55.76. The $MOS  57.5 weekly put hit a low of .75 then rose to 2.28. The 55 weekly put hit a low of .10 and a high of .50

$POT traded in sympathy to $MOS, opening lower at 43.24, and hit a low of 42.27 around 1130. The $POT weekly opened at we'll call it .15 and hit a high of .57

$AYI was wiped off my watchlist early on due to a complete lack of liquidity in the options arena.

$AAPL opened at 661 today, briefly sold off then climbed to a high of 666 before slowly declining to 650.65, where it then rebounded at the last hour on heavy volume to close at 661.

Einhorn had $HLF ripping higher when he didn't trash it; $GMCR and $CMG ripping lower when he did trash them; and $GM going higher.

Don't know how I missed this, but $MSCI got ravaged today after Vanguard said it was dropping their funds. Talk about your deathblows! The $MSCI October 25 put opened at .50 and hit a high of around 1.70 in almost linear fashion.

Unusual activity:

Huge risk reversal in $CVA today to the tune of 7500x. Someone bot 7500 of the March 17.5 calls and sold 7500 of the March 15 puts for a net debit of .40, for a total premium of $300k.

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