Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday 10.18 mkt recap

After opening at 1452, the /ES closed at 1451.

$MLNX opened at 82.80 with option activity heavily slanted to the bearish side, and ended up closing at 77.99 after hitting a day low of 75.51.

$ALGN opened at 27.63 and saw heavy action in the 26 puts, hit a day low of 25.33 then closed at 28.18. The 26 puts were good from an actionable .23 or .16 to a day high of .95 and closed at .20

$EBAY opened at 48.43, crested 49.00 and took a small snooze then shot up over 50 to close near the day high at 50.83. The 50 call opened at .15 and hit a .60 by 1000hrs. It would ultimately hit .97

$GOOG wow, what a day for $GOOG. Unfortunately, there was no real safe way to enter into a trade aside from doing a half-assed strangle and hoping for the best. The earnings release came out at 1230 and it was a bomb, sending $GOOG from 754 to 680 before it was halted at 687. I was looking to buy a straddle at any level but the bid/asks where HUGELY wide (like 20 bucks!) and the vol was thru the roof.

$AAPL I considered shorting $AAPL via 635 Put when the $GOOG news broke, but didn't. Had I done so, I would have captured a gain from 2.40 to 6.00. Same could have been done with the $QQQ.

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