Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday 10.12 Recap

The /ES opened at 1427 hit the day high of 1434 at 1000 then sold off to close at 1421.

$ANR opened at $8.18 hit a high of 8.42 then sold off to close at 7.88. The $ANR weekly 8 put opened at .25 then shot down to .04 only to rebound to .24. The monthly 8 put expiring a week later opened at .30 and hit a high of .50

$PCLN traded erratically bouncing off the 590 to 595 range throughout the day.

$WFC  weekly 34 calls opened at .10 and hit a high of .42 at 1000. I failed to check the weekly OI prior to mkt open. Had I checked I would have seen the high percentage of OI in weekly calls above the 34 level.

$AAPL opened at 629, sold off to 625 then rebounded to 635. This sent the 630 call from 2.50 to 6.25

Unusual/Large trades:

There was a bullish opening position in the $IMAX Dec 24 calls to the tune of 9300 with the stock trading at 21.80

It looked like someone closed 15K of their $JCP Nov 22 puts and sold 5k of the Nov 27 puts, a bullish roll. Stock was trading at 26.30 at the time. As always, I could be wrong

Also looks like someone rolled 25k of their $TJX Oct 45 puts out to the Nov 45 puts with the stock trading at 43.50

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