Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday 9.20 mkt recap

So somewhat as expected. $SBUX ripped higher while $GMCR ripped lower. Starbucks got a pop when the CEO was on CNBC talking about their new coffee maker, and he played the politics saying it wouldn't affect $GMCR which is why Green Mountain rebounded temporarily before selling off.

$NSC tanked lower, opening at 68 and closing at 66ish.

$JCP ripped way lower following the prior day's lead down around the close, though the crappy earnings news out of $BBBY certainly wasn't helping anything

$FB facebook opened at 23 and ended up selling off by the end of the day. It would be my guess that the call sellers are trying to real it in for max pain.

And $AAPL sold off quick to 693. I missed that otherwise I would have loaded up on some $700 call butterflies. It ended up hitting a high of 700.06. Max pain has a max plan for Apple.

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