Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pre-Mkt Outlook 9.26

Quiet morning after a big sell off in the afternoon a day earlier. This morning is for the most part rather quiet, but here's what I'm watching.

$JBL came out with earnings which disappointed, stock is down from a prior close of $21.00 to 19.75 in the  pre-mkt. 18.50 appears to be the low support line for the past 9 months.

$CHK caught a downgrade to hold from buy at Stifel Nicolaus

Oil inventories are out at 1030 this morning. The prior week oil sold off from 93 to below 92 after the report.

$AAPL sold of to $670 yesterday, which is where max put pain currently sits with the most call weeklies sitting in OI at the 700 mark.

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