Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daily Recap for Friday 9.28

I woke up late and did not place any trades, mainly due to attending the Dada Life show the night before. At any rate:

$AAPL sold off today after the positive press turned negative, with Apple apologizing for their embarrassing maps app. Moral of the story: $AAPL hardware and iOS - good. $AAPL apps - terrible. AAPl ended up getting pinned at $670, the strike with the highest put OI, from 2-3pm "as is tradition".

$RIMM came out with earnings which initially got pumped up in the mkt. It had closed at $7 a day earlier and opened slightly over at $8 where it hovered for the first couple of hours. The news actually wasn't that great and I had considered buying the $8 put which was trading around .10, but got bid up to a high of .53 when the institutions came in later in the day and set the price.

$NKE also came out with earnings. It had closed a day earlier at $96 and opened post earnings at $93. I eyeballed the weekly $95 call as the stock price was in an early AM uptrend and I figured the stock could at least recover and touch the $95 mark. It ended up hitting a high of over 96.18. The weekly $95 call traded from a low of about .10 to peak high of $1.17.

Unusual activity:

$CZZ Cosan had 2900 of 12 Dec 17.5 calls STO at .30  

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