Friday, September 21, 2012

9.21 monthly expiry recap

Today was an overall positive day for the markets as far as the major indices were concerned.

$KORS ripped higher off it's adjusted guidance, paying out big for the call buyers from a day earlier.

Don't know how I missed this one in the pre-mkt, but $KBH beat earnings and put on a short squeeze clinic making call option writers feel some serious pain today.

$ORCL also out with earnings news and sold off from the open, as I usually expect mega-cap companies to do.

I also don't know why didn't add $AVGO or $SWKS to my watchlist. I had noted them this morning on a notepad, because they were mentioned as getting a positive pop on their components being used inside the new iPhone 5.

Lastly, $AAPL got PINNED! Surprise, surprise. Pinned at $700 by the close of the day. Had you bot a $700 call fly, you would have easily had a triple on your hands when it was trading for 705. Easier said in hindsight than done, I got burned the week before when it DIDN'T revert to max strike pain. Until next week!

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